Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Money & Finance) — Когнитивное программирование сознания

01\ Queen of Pentacles

01\Queen of Pentacles

1.1 Money & Finance

The Queen of Pentacles is a symbol of generosity and concern for the material well-being of the family, as well as fruitfulness in business. Let's look at this card in the context of advaita, based on the information provided:
➕ An intuitive understanding of the material needs of those around you: The Queen of Pentacles has the ability to intuitively perceive and fulfill the material needs of those around her. Her care and reliability in financial matters emphasizes the importance of support and stability in society.
➖ An attachment to material comfort and control: However, there is a risk that the Queen of Pentacles may become too attached to material comfort, which can lead to a desire to control or dominate financial matters. This can cause fear of losing wealth.
➕ Using material wisdom to support and develop community: the Queen of Pentacles may use her material wisdom to support and develop community. By remaining open to new opportunities and learning from her experiences, she promotes growth not only for herself but also for others.
➖ Caution and Greed in Financial Affairs: It is important to avoid closing off from the world around you and avoid taking risks or avoiding new opportunities. Too much caution or greed in financial affairs can hinder development and well-being.
Thus, the Queen of Pentacles encourages concern for material well-being, but emphasizes the need for balance between self-care and support from others, and between caution and openness to new opportunities.
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