The Devil Tarot Card Meanings (Money & Finance) — Когнитивное программирование сознания

01\ The Devil

01\The Devil

1.1 The Devil (Money & Finance)

The Devil card, in the context of finance and advaita, does indeed warn against excessive attachment to material goods and calls for wise management of one's finances. Let's deepen the interpretation:
➕ A powerful motivator for success: the Devil indicates a strong desire to achieve material success. The passion and energy you put into your financial endeavors can be a powerful motivator to achieve your goals.
➖ Blinding to material goods: However, the card also warns against being blinded by greed and excessive attachment to material things. In advaita, where one seeks to realize the truth, excessive attachment to money can lead to problems.
➕ Awareness and control of passion: It is important to be aware of one's material desires and the actions they generate. In advaita, this means not only understanding one's desires, but also being able to manage them intelligently and consciously.
➖ Avoiding Temptation and Debt: The card warns against temptations and temptations that can lead to debt and financial problems. Instead, it encourages maintaining control and balance in financial decisions, which is consistent with Advaita and the philosophy of conscious living.
Thus, the Devil in a financial context reminds of the importance of being able to control one's passions and desires while maintaining a balance between the material and the spiritual, which is consistent with the ideals of advaita.
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